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Food hygiene. Enter Rittal. This stipulates how electrical cables are to be fixed in place, regulates the cleanability of. While some may find the news about domestic economic growth of late disheartening, the number of great places to work in the U. Bioethanol is an alcohol created through the fermentation of carbohydrates produced in sugar or starch crops such as corn, sugarcane, or sweet sorghum.

Although research is underway and a few plants have been built to create cellulosic ethanol by fermenting materials such as agricultural residue, algae, wood processing waste, yard and vegetative waste, food processing waste, etc.

Industrial enclosures face harsh conditions. From blazing to frigid temperatures, to dust, oil, dirt, airborne corrosives and liquids. Industrial engineers know that the m anufacturing environment poses a multitude of challenges to the integrity of the control panel infrastructure.

rittal enclosures

Every enclosure represents a unique challenge. Power systems, lighting, wiring, door configuration, and cooling units all require custom modifications. Full automation of the process increases accuracy and improves the turnaround time. Data Centers and server racks run hot. Protecting the technology backbone of your company means managing air flow, temperature, energy consumption and cooling technology. Product certifications and approvals are pivotal to the global acceptance of industrial products.

Rittal products meet the highest internationally recognized quality standards. All components are subjected to the most stringent testing in accordance with international standards and regulations. Products marketed in world markets must document that they comply with government directives.

rittal enclosures

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Recent Popular Categories.But why and how is liquid cooling so effective and what benefits does the LCP Industry offer for installers? Liquid cooling, however, is an option open to all, and one that is much more effective than air at removing waste heat and reducing the temperature within the enclosure. It can provide up to 10kW of cooling power with a minimal width of mm and a low overall footprint 0. If it is installed within a suite, the unit can be configured to supply 10kW of cooling in one direction only, or 5kW in either direction, to fit with the enclosure design.

rittal enclosures

This amount of power means that even the most challenging installation can be protected, ensuring that the equipment operates within an acceptable environment. This protection allows it to work at maximum output and helps extend its operating life thereby reducing annual spares and maintenance costs. The LCP Industry is designed to avoid any equipment jutting into the gangway, which can be a concern on mezzanine floors or tight spaces in terms of both practicality and worker safety.

Additional cabling can be added-in to both positions, making the LCP Industry extremely flexible, notably in large switchgear units with full-length busbar systems. Many industrial sites already have an operational chilled water supply to service other procedures and equipment.

Where this is the case, it can be tapped off and used for the LCP Industry. If not, Rittal can provide advice and quotations to supply a stand-alone chiller to supply the LCP. Depending on the source, the water supply can be channelled into the unit via connections located at the top and back, to help make installation easier. Our Partners. Medical Production Robotics Security Wireless.

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Latest products. Buy Now Learn More. Advanced Engineering Further reading A selection of Enclosures articles for further reading Read more.Discover the new plastic compact enclosures.

And experience the benefits of a unique enclosure series for yourself — Sophisticated system technology combined with an extremely robust material.

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After more than 30 years, Rittal is revolutionising the field of plastic enclosures and complementing its AX series of sheet steel and stainless steel enclosures.

With the plastic enclosure AX, Rittal has now combined the benefits of a sophisticated system technology with those of an extremely robust material to produce a unique enclosure series.

The new plastic enclosure AX stands for maximum simplification, speed and configuration freedom, while at the same time meeting the highest demands in terms of safety and robustness. Whether in the workshop or outdoors exposed to the elements — the plastic enclosure AX weathers all extremes.

The AX enclosure series defines the standards for Industry 4. Double seal with an integral rain protection strip on the top and bottom edge of the door to protect the seal from dust and rainwater.

Interior installation on a 25 mm pitch pattern with universal bracket for mounting punched sections and rails. The mini-comfort handle for AX plastic can be used not only with type A lock inserts, but also with profile half-cylinders or security and push-button inserts. Direct door installation with support strips, punched sections with mounting flanges 14 x 39 mm or wiring plan pockets, for use as an additional mounting surface.

Simple mounting of a door stay without additional machining to secure the door in the open position. The mounting plate is easily screw-fastened onto pre-assembled bolts from the front and can also be earthed retrospectively via machined keyholes. Integrated, consistent, data-based solutions spanning the entire value chain, from engineering, to system engineering, through to automation and beyond, are the key to greater efficiency in panel building and switchgear manufacturing.

Rittal's LCP industry: liquid cooling for the industrial space

Act now to secure a better position in the competitive markets of the future. A wide range of conversion and planning tools are available to Rittal customers to support them with the automated production process and when working with a virtual prototype:.

Milling centre Perforex BC The drilling and milling centres in the Perforex BC series allow you to machine any material, including spray-finished sheet and stainless steel as well as aluminium, copper and the new AX plastic enclosure.

Engineering Engineering is the starting point for every panel building and switchgear engineering project. With the help of software tools developed by Rittal and Eplan, a virtual prototype of an enclosure is created. It contains all the information relevant for the production process, enabling maximum efficiency at every point in the workflow.

In this way, seamless data allows you to create and benefit from automated production processes. Enclosures do not exist in isolation, but are part of a bigger, multi-faceted system. The Rittal modular system offers coordinated solutions covering every requirement — fast, flexible, and worldwide. Capitalise on unique system solutions with clear benefits for users.

Automation Inside the enclosure workshop, workflows can also benefit from digitalisation and extensive automation.

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The machines and tools from Rittal Automation Systems support every aspect of machining and component mounting in panel building, from individual machining of enclosure panels through to fully automated wire assembly.

Act now and create the basis for automated processes in your workshop. Got any questions? Please message us.

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English Deutsch. Plastic enclosures AX Added durability. Welcome to the AX family. System perfection.Enjoy the benefits of the new AX and KX enclosure series today. More functions, less effort. Beat the competition with our enclosure and case system, distinguished by its simplicity, assembly-friendliness and versatile functions.

Play it safe with super-flexible power distribution technology. Our tested solutions stand out from the crowd with their simple, safe assembly and user-friendly planning. Boost your efficiency and protect the environment at the same time with our energy-saving, eco-friendly climate control solutions for enclosures and machines.

Our range of solutions, from manual tools through to fully automated machine technology, will significantly accelerate your processes. Future-centric solutions for your IT infrastructure are efficient, secure and scalable. Rittal supplies customised complete solutions across the entire spectrum, from micro data centres through to data centres in containers. A comprehensive range of system accessories for industrial and IT enclosures for infinite possibilities for enclosure population.

Compact and small enclosures. To the new website of www. Start Products Configurators. Rittal — The System. Magazine be top. Trade fairs.

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Food industry. Process industry. Transport technology. Corona Virus. Consulting services Planners and engineering offices Data centres Industry Solutions. Switch now. The new large enclosure system. Explore now. Experience now! Enclosures Beat the competition with our enclosure and case system, distinguished by its simplicity, assembly-friendliness and versatile functions.

Rittal Automation Systems Our range of solutions, from manual tools through to fully automated machine technology, will significantly accelerate your processes.View all our Enclosures from smallest to largest — featuring the best-selling TS 8 freestanding enclosure with more than 10 million units installed in the field as well as our specially priced Wallmount enclosures. See Power Distribution solutions for low-voltage and high-current applications, such as our RiLine and Ri4Power systems and kits for optimal design.

Air cooling, liquid cooling and enclosure heater options are just some of the choices available in our Climate Control section for IT and industrial needs — Therm software and our Therm App even help you calculate your facility requirements.

Discover how Rittal opens up new horizons in the world of IT with the RiMatrix standardized data center module and more. Take advantage of the latest innovations and breakthroughs in system design with this all-new catalog from Rittal today. Download Catalog. Like this? Share it!

With pages of exhaustive specs, images, performance notes and illustrations, technicians and engineers and designers will find everything they need to build robust, energy-efficient industrial and IT systems.The new compact and configurable power distribution unit PDU can easily be installed in any IT rack system. Whether you need a basic PDU or you require a PDU to monitor and control your server power supplies Rittal has a reliable and versatile solution.

Experience the benefits of a unique enclosure series for yourself, where sophisticated system technology is combined with an extremely robust material. Discover how to build the foundation for efficiency improvements across the whole value chain - from engineering through to service and maintenance. We are pleased to announce that our popular range of wall mounted Filter Fan's are now available as standard in a black RAL finish. This addition to our range ensures on projects where you are mounting to black enclosures or machinery, you can now specify a matching fan to suit.

The Hygienic Design and Enclosure White Paper provides a comprehensive overview of the current and relevant directives, regulations and guidelines for using Hygienic enclosures in food and beverage production.

Also Rittal have published, in the form of an interactive playbook, a major review of the five leading data centre trends, consolidating both expert opinion and the latest research findings. Maintaining critical IT provision is essential, the rapid deployment of Data Centre infrastructure by ordering and configuring racks to achieve these demands should be Easy. Rittal Configuration System RiCS is an online design service from Rittal which is a FREE to use configuration tool developed to help you specify, configure and modify your enclosure requirements, giving you CAD files and easy online ordering.

We are pleased to announce that our popular range of wall mounted Filter Fan's are now available as standard in a Black RAL finish, ideal when mounting to black enclosures or machinery. Discover the new plastic compact enclosures and experience the benefits of a unique enclosure series for yourself - sophisticated system technology combined with an extremely robust material.

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